“Mason Capital is an absolute return focused event driven firm that combines deep fundamental analysis with a hard catalyst. We seek positive optionality in corporate events from the long and short side. ”

Credit Opportunities

Opportunities to short near-term maturities that will not be met. Opportunities where both credit and owners of credit are distressed, leading to expectations of forced selling.

Special Situations

Spin-offs, recapitalizations, litigation, merger securities, liquidations. Driven by merger arbitrage and distressed securities research.

Distressed Investing

Reorganizations, bankruptcies, distressed debt and post bankrupt equities, balance sheet arbitrage.

Merger Arbitrage

Mergers, tender offers, exchange offers. Corporate change driven by competition and globalization.

Mason Capital 22 Years Experience

23+ years

Mason Capital 1.5B AUM


Mason Capital 17 Employees


Mason Capital Management - Mason's Edge

Mason's Edge

  •   Alpha generation

    We seek positive optionality in corporate events from both the long and short side, generating returns from events (alpha), not from market moves (beta)

  •   Uncorrelated

    Event driven focus, minimal market risk

  •   Experience

    Navigated two market cycles

  •   Short alpha

    22-year history of genrating alpha shorting credit and equity

  •   Process

    Unique, repeatable skill set


We are indifferent between being long or short within traditional event driven trades

Equally likely to be short hight yield and distressed as long
Equally likely to reverse risk arbitrage as conventional set-up
NOT a long/short fund: long AND short positions are owned primarily to generate alpha, not as hedges
Currently, we are profiting by being short credit while waiting for distressed debt opportunities

Investment Strategy





Focus on constructing a balanced portfolio long and short

Seek to utilize low leverage

Primarily liquid tradable instruments

Factor awareness

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